Are you looking to enrich your Physical Education?

Do you want your pupils to experience fun, exciting sports activities?

Are you looking to enhance the self-esteem, confidence and social skills of your pupils?

Sports Workshops

Perfect for school sports weeks, to inspire your pupils to enhance their health and well-being through sport and physical activity.

he aim of these workshops is to promote health and well-being through physical activity and sport.

This is done in a fun way, so your pupils can experience a variety of sport, physical activity and health and fitness related activities that can encourage them to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

We can provide:

  • Sport specific skills challenges.
  • Circuit based programme for KS1 & KS2.
  • Structured coaching sessions.

All you have to do is simply contact us, discuss what activities you would like in your workshops, the time table for the day and we do the rest.

Motivational Workshops

RB Gym & Sport believe in motivating young individuals to help them become healthy and understand how to be responsible and achieve success.

We have a number of workshops aimed at years 5 and 6 to help them set goals communicate and time manage their future utilising the influential teachers and individuals in their lives.

These can be achieved through one off day work shops or over a period of time to enhance the motivation and confidence leading up to exams, or in readiness to face the changes and challenges of moving to new schools.


"The service is extremely professional and all sports coaches are approachable and flexible. The quality of coaching is excellent. Since using RB Gym as a sports provider we have seen an increase in PE enjoyment and more pupils are taking part in sporting activities outside of their PE lessons. The after school clubs are a great success. The pupils particularly enjoy Archery Club."

Kates Hill Primary School

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