PPA Cover

How is your PE delivered in your school?

Are your pupils being effectively educated during PPA cover?

Do you employ a sports coaching company?

Are your sports coaches meeting industry minimum standards and committed to delivering high quality PE Lessons and school sport?

Here at RB Gym & Sport we believe that by using our services to cover your PPA you will be enriching your delivery of PE throughout your school allowing your teaching staff to ensure they are meeting all demands on pupil performance for literacy and numeracy.

PPA cover is something that all schools need and can be covered in a number of ways.

Sports Coaches

Sports coaches are often a less expensive ineffective way of covering PPA. Sport coaches often lack the skills and knowledge to deal with challenging behaviour required to control a class. Sport coaches often lack the knowledge of how to follow National Curriculum requirements or follow education requirements. They rarely have any experience in school or educational settings and as a result they can create more problems than they solve.

Sport Educators

Sport Educators process the skills and knowledge to ensure that your pupils are meeting National Curriculum requirements and are able to use a number of strategies to cope with any challenging behaviour which will ensure the cover of your PPA is as smooth and undisturbed as possible. They are also able to differentiate each lesson to meet the needs of all learners whilst assessing the children's progress. They are a reliable cost effective way of covering PPA cover and reduces any problems that may arise when using cheaper less experienced alternatives.

Our PPA Cover

RB Gym & Sport have spent the last number of years perfecting PPA solutions for schools. We supply tailored PE, sport and physical activity provision so that you can get exactly what you need for your school and pupils. And with our unique extra-curricular programmes we can add value to your school budget.

Your school and senior management team can relax and feel secure in knowing that you will be getting high quality provision which focuses on the health and well-being, skills and confidence of all the children in your school setting. RB Gym & Sport follow the best practice guidance on the effective use of agencies in PE and school sport, so you can be confident in the quality of service we provide delivering your PE following national curriculum objectives

Our PPA Cover Includes:

  • Full delivery of the Physical Educational National Curriculum.
  • Sport educators that work with your school 39 weeks of the year.
  • We become part of your teaching team. We fulfil our role as a member of staff by taking control of each class, including:
    • Taking the register.
    • Classroom management.
    • Dismissal of children to parents and guardians.
  • All staff complete regular CPD training and undergo observations each term.
  • All our staff are highly experienced within their coaching careers and teaching capacity.
  • Lessons are planned and delivered relevant to the age and ability of the children allowing for all children to make good progress.
  • Risk Assessments are carried out prior to the delivery of lessons.
  • We provide assessments with attainment levels for each area of Physical Education.
  • Our lessons are engaging and ensure all children are actively involved. We encourage children to be independent learners and promote children to lead healthy lifestyles.
  • We offer a flexible service by using your existing school timetable. We also happily adapt lesson plans to meet the ever changing needs of a busy school day.
  • We endeavour to work inclusively within your school's ethos and willingly adopt school policies.

Please note: afPE does not support the delivery of PPA cover in schools.


"The service is extremely professional and all sports coaches are approachable and flexible. The quality of coaching is excellent. Since using RB Gym as a sports provider we have seen an increase in PE enjoyment and more pupils are taking part in sporting activities outside of their PE lessons. The after school clubs are a great success. The pupils particularly enjoy Archery Club."

Kates Hill Primary School

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