Choosing your childcare provider; high-quality indicators

Jun 8, 2020

Choosing a childcare provider can be a difficult choice for families to make. Most families understand the importance of securing a spot in a high-quality childcare provider, but what does high quality look like?

Is it a brand-new facility with all the latest gadgets? Is it in the security of your child’s school, or is it the lovely family day carer down the road?

Honestly, it could be any of the above, what’s most important is that the childcare provider you use is suitable for you and your child. No matter what type of service you choose, in a high quality setting your child will feel happy, safe, and secure and have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of play-based learning experiences. As a parent, you should feel comfortable approaching the staff and confident that your child’s well-being is a priority.

What are the indicators of high-quality childcare?
Several research studies have found that high-quality childcare programmes have certain characteristics in common. These characteristics can help families make better child-care choices for their children because they indicate a much greater likelihood of high-quality care. Quality indicators measure the conditions that generally create a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for children.

They are:

  • Low child - teacher ratios
  • Small group sizes

Low ratios and low turnover allow teachers to respond to the individual needs of children, to give each child ample attention and to create a strong bond, adding to the child’s security

  • Staff with relevant qualifications & on-going CPD
  • Prior experience and education of the Leadership team

Higher educational qualifications help staff and managers to understand the needs and development of young children, which improves their ability to plan activities for children and interact with them in developmentally appropriate ways.

  • Low staff turnover
  • Positive teacher/child interactions

    Well-compensated teachers with good benefits change jobs with less frequency, lowering turnover and increasing opportunities for children to create attachments and build relationships.

  • Accreditation or higher than minimum licensing standards
  • Age appropriate activities
  • Good health & safety practices

Childcare providers with a national accreditation or higher-than-minimum license demonstrate an intent to provide high quality care and have met higher-than-minimum standards to receive the accreditation or license.

When it comes to making that all important decision, be confident that your chosen childcare provider demonstrates most of the above indicators.  Be rest assured your child will be in a safe, secure setting that benefits their social and academic learning.

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