RB Gym & Sport Active Maths Programme

The RB Gym & Sport Active Maths Programme supports children by offering them fun and practical ways to develop their numeracy skills.

RB Sports Educators will work with your children to help and support them through the different areas of the numeracy curriculum. Class teachers can guide the RB Sports Educators to focus on particular areas of the numeracy curriculum that need extra support.

At the end of each session, a feedback report will be provided to each child to assess their level of understanding. This feedback helps to ensure open communication between RB Sports Educators and class teachers and supports progression for the children who can access the programme.

Ways in which RB Gym & Sport Active Maths programme can help:

  • Practical ways to apply skills.
  • Supports kinaesthetic learning styles.
  • Develops children's confidence in their own abilities.
  • Engages children to learn in a fun and interactive way.


"Tenterfields has developed a partnership with RB Gym & Sport to extend and strengthen its Maths interventions in KS1. The Active Maths is a programme of study that enables students to work on specific targets and gaps in their learning. The children work through targets in an active and interactive way, enabling the most efficient learning to take place for students who enjoy kinaesthetic and visual modelling and activities. The impact has already been seen when looking at the outcomes, confidence and the data of the children."

Mr Wade, SLT, Maths Coordinator

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